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Cherry- Fruity- Brown Sugar- Prolonged Residual
1450 meters above sea level
100% Gesha
Finca La Suiza is located in the borough of Alto La Paz in the municipality of Chinchina. It’s owned by Mr. Carlos Arturo Adolphs Garcia, who many years ago became interested in buying land in the the Colombian coffee region. In la Suiza at 1440 MASL a quality coffee is cultivated with varieties such as Tabi, Gesha, Pink Bourbon, Wush Wush and Caturra.The municipality of Chinchina is located just 18 kilomiters from the capital of the department of Caldas and has rich hydrography. La suiza has 11 hectares, has 32,000 coffee trees distributed as follows: Gesha 14,000, Wush Wush 5,700, Tabi 9,000 Pink Bourbon 2000 and Caturra 1,500.
The coffee is picked in fully rippened cherry, then it`s taken to a receiving hopper, after that it is unpulped and taken to tanks where the coffee is washed and left in water for 30 hours for fermentation, afterwards it is taken to the drying beds and when it reaches the adequate humidity it is bagged in fique bags and stored in a warehouse.

Caldas Department is located in the center of Colombia, in the Andean region, it belongs to the coffee axis along with the departments of Risaralda, Quindío, the Southwest of Antioquia and the North of the Valle del Cauca, its capital is Manizales, where is located our cold mill and our Coffee Exporter Selecto Exportadores S.A.S. In this department it is possible to find all the thermal floors, from the warm valleys of the Magdalena and Cauca River to the snows of the Nevado del Ruiz (snow mountain) located at 5.400 MASL. Caldas Department is characterized by having a mountainous topography and by the production of coffee that has been the engine of development and its results in techniques and productivity of its crops are highlighted, reaching better living conditions for coffee growers.

-Information above is provided by Hacienda La Suiza



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