Brewing Tips from Mike

The SCAA, that's the Specialty Coffee Association of America, the organization responsible in developing most all the standards of the specialty(premium) coffee industry.

So when they speak... recommending coffee brewing techniques, every one listens and this is what they say... use 2 tablespoons( .38oz) to every 6 ounces of water. We agree if the home brewer heats the water to the required temperature. Unfortunately, this is where the less expensive home brewers fall short.

There are many other experts with opinions on brewing ratios along with rule of thumb ratios from friends, family and the internet. You need to find what's best for you!

  • Use the SCAA recommendation 2 tablespoons for 6 ounces of water for most brewers and pour over systems that heat water temperature to the range of 195 -200 degrees. You will need a measuring cup because most brewers use 'cups' as the preferred barometer and not ounces. So each cup equals 8 ounces, adjust proportionately.
  • If you use a French Press to brew your coffee use the SCAA brew instructions.
  • How about these inexpensive brewing units, there a millions of them in American households. Issue is they don't heat the water to SCAA recommended temperature thereby, producing a different extraction ratio. By no means are we saying these brewer types are not good machines, they simply heat the water at a lower temperature... so adjust the mix.

We recommend... adjust the brewing formula for these household brewers to 1 tablespoon per 1 cup of water(8 oz).

Here is a chart for these types of brewers only...

  • 4 cups use 5.3 level tablespoons,
  • 5 cups use 6.7 level tablespoons,
  • 6 cups use 8 level tablespoon,
  • 8 cups use 10 level tablespoon,
  • 10 cups use 13 level tablespoons,
  • 12 cups use 16 level tablespoons.

If these guidelines don't work for you... what are you to do? Not drink coffee, no way. Experiment like a mad chemist... find what matches your taste buds... and be sure to let us know your results!

Just one more thing... When you open our coffee bag, take a second and inhale that aroma; now you can say, "I just smelled fresh coffee". That's my proudest moment...

Enjoy my Fresh Focused Craft Roasted coffee.

Thanks, Mike

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