Nitro Cold Brew

Mike Shea's Cold Brew Growler

Featuring 3 Nitro Charged Cold Brews:

Dark Coffee
Medium Coffee
White Chocolate Coffee

Enjoy it Your Way!

  • Come intro the cafe and savor a cup!
  • Brew up your own Cold Brew Coffee at home. We'll supply the coffee in 12oz or 5lb bags ready to steep.
  • Do you have a Kegorator? We can supply the Nitro charged Cold Brew.
  • Purchase our Reusable Mike Shea's Coffee Glass Growler:

    First Timers: The price includes the fill and our Glass Growlers are non refundable. Sale is final.
    Refill: Bring your CLEANED Glass Growler back in for refills from the Mike Shea's Coffee Bar at 30 - 1st Street, Unit #5, Bridgewater MA

    1. Drink a Ton of Cold Brew!
    2. Clean your Growler at home.
    3. We just refill. Dirty Growlers will be denied!!
    5. We Only Refill Mike Shea's Coffee Growlers.
    6. Our Growlers are non refundable. Sale is final.

Just Delicious!
Filled up right off the Tap!
Our Nitro Cold Brew is smooth, not bitter or acidic!

Ingredients for Medium and Dark Cold Brew:
Cold Brew Coffee and Water

Ingredients for White Chocolate Moch Cold Brew:
Cold Brew Coffee, Water, Sugar, creamer (coconut oil, maltodextrin, sodium caseinate (milk derivative), silicon dioxide, sodium citrate, soy lecithin), natural flavor. ALLERGENS: Contains milk and soy.

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