Social Responsibility and Sustainability

At Mike Shea’s Coffee Roasting, we believe that acting in a socially responsible manner with our employees, customers and farmers only elevates our company’s value. It’s this set of values that guide us in everything we do.

Mike Shea’s Coffee Roasting prides itself on its extensive “COFFEE” knowledge and is committed to being a socially responsible company by using our ability to provide our customers with the highest quality coffee beans that have been farmed using sustainable practices to protect our planet for future generations to come.

We know that sustainability of farming is the result of understanding the process of monitoring and managing the ecosystem that impacts global agriculture. We support farming that practices soil biodiversity leading to more resilient soil that can better withstand climate change impacts and give us the ability to offer our customers a superior cup of coffee while providing a cleaner planet for all.

Juliana and Mike at the Farm

"I like to support local companies. I buy your coffee now and none of the big brands in my opinion can beat your stuff."

Baratza Encore Conical Burr Coffee Grinder (Black)