Juliana, John and Mike.

I started this business because I love great coffee and I believe specialty coffee needs to be tasted by more people at a fairer price.


It all started in a coffeehouse.

When my family and I learned the coffee business. We listened to our customers and experimented with single origins and roasting formulas to develop our smooth tasting flavorful Coffees.

Today, we focus on maintaining the quality and integrity from our original roasting profiles. Guiding the process transforming a green bean into a deliciously roasted bean with fantastic aromas and rewarding tastes. Knowing that someone is enjoying my coffee every day is a great feeling.

The journey is ongoing, and we continue to source coffee beans throughout the world to match "that perfect bean with that perfect roast". Each roast is carefully monitored by me, manually adjusting when needed, guiding the roaster, while producing a consistency throughout the roasting process. All of my roast profiles have been carefully designed and recorded insuring the same quality each time.

The process in developing a great cup of coffee is time consuming and many facts need to be taken in to account such as: how the bean's location of origin and its expected flavor translates to the cup; understanding the harvesting processes; being aware of the growing altitudes that may dramatically alter the roast; determining the moisture of bean before the roast; and finally, anticipating that special taste.

The roasting process begins…. "dropping" the green beans into the roaster at a designated heat, monitoring air intake and exhaust, temperature, gas pressure, and duration of the roast. Suddenly a richness of color appears, smells of the roast travels throughout, and sounds of beans dropping into the cooling tray; this transformation is truly amazing.

Every time I drop roasted beans into the cooling bin it reminds me of the first time I recognized the wonderful smells of coffee. Freshly roasted coffee… its smell, its look, its taste, it is a pleasure and passion which I hope I can share with you.

My family and I have one unified desire… roasting the best coffee for our customers.

As Always, I pledge to price my Specialty Coffee at a Fairer Price.™

-Mike Shea