OnLine Shipping

Please Be Sure to Specify Whole Bean or your Grind:

(We Suggest that Flavored Coffees are Ground instead of Whole Bean)

  • Coarse Grind — for French Press
  • Drip Grind — for automatic drip coffee makers with a flat bottom filter
  • Fine Grind — for automatic drip coffee makers with a cone filter (Melitta)
  • Espresso Grind
  • Turkish Grind

Shipping Costs*:

  • $8.25 - USPS - BOX
  • Free Shipping Because YOU’RE AWESOME!!! - USPS - Box ($40+)
  • LOCAL DELIVERY - APPLY Coupon - Free Local Ship - STOP!! (see the towns and cities that we deliver to before applying)
  • Customer Will Pick Up at Shop in Bridgewater, MA. 
  • $20 - 2 Day Shipping Fed-Ex

*Applies to All States within United States of America

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Returned Check Fee - $35.00 plus collection