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Brazil Tres Porteiras Medium-Dark - 12 OZ.

Brazil Tres Porteiras Medium-Dark - 12 OZ.

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Red Catuaí, Catucai

Annual Production:

1,000 bags


Natural and Washed


993 up to 1093 meters

250 hectres



South of Minas is the most important coffee production center in Brazil with about 14 cities, and the region accounts on average, 3 0 % o f B r a z i l i a n p r o d u c t i o n o f c o f f e e . Among the factors that contribute to South of Minas has increased competitiveness in coffee production are the climate and soil; infrastructure of the properties; varying production systems; t r a d i t i o n a n d s u s t a i n a b i l i t y . The mountainous terrain is ideal for coffee production. The altitude varies from 950 to 1370 meters and the annual temperature stays around 22 to 24ºC.



Producers Story:

They are a couple without children. Pedro, 70 years old, was born in São Paulo, capital, and he is an Italian and Brazilian citizen, electromechanical engineer,worked on his profession overseas during many years in many countries in all continents. Maria Helena, 63 years old, from Andradas,Minas Gerais, granddaughter of rural producers linked to the production of cattle, milk and coffee. She left Minas very early, to study and train, and graduated in medicine, being a doctor for 10 years in SP, until she met Pedro,who, in that time, was working in the USA. They got married after little time of dating, and almost immediately emerged in both, the dream of living in the country, specially in a farm. After searching hard, in October 1988, they discovered the city of Ingai and moved to there. "Três Porteiras" is a very old name and it is due to the big three doors of a huge area for the cattle and workers that were traveling to the city of Rio de janeiro and stopped there for resting. The history returns the XVI century and have been part of the hereditary capitanies, whose frame of lapitated stone with the cross of Malta of the Portuguese crown, remains in the farm. They arrived at the farm full of professional, urban and international experience, but without the minimal knowledge to living from the land and there was a lot of acquired knowledge until then, where nowadays, with a lot of professionalism, they are also producers of dairy cattle and industrial insemination cattle. They decided in 2004/2005, to invest in coffee with a small area and have been increasing the production and the cultivation area. They use natural wind breaks with the cultivation of bananas that completely surround the plantations and practice coffee consortium with brachiaria gramine. They are always directly involved with the work of their staff, whether in planning, leadership or even with the handworking. Maria Helena still maintain the activities in medicine, in the community to which belong to the farm, the quiet and small town of Ingaí, thus collaborating with the local community.

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