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Hawaiian Kona Fancy Medium- 6 oz.

Hawaiian Kona Fancy Medium- 6 oz.

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A Family Co-op growing most of their coffee at 2,224 feet in a climate that favors the Arabica coffee trees.

Our honeybees are placed in the coffee / Macadamia orchards to ensure a robust and bountiful harvest pollinate our Kona coffee and Macadamia Nuts.

100 % Green KONA Coffee

Located on the big island of Hawaii and in the heart of, the "coffee belt" is Kona, a piece of land that is approximately two miles wide from 700 feet (210 m) to 3,000 feet (914 m) elevation, and stretches along the 20-mile plus southwestern volcanic slopes of Mt. Hualalai and the active Moana Loa Volcano. Although Kona coffee can be harvested year-round in Hawaii, our highest production begins in late summer and extends to early spring.

Kona Organic - availability

Grade Fancy, screen 18

Field Location(s): Mamalahoa Hwy, Honaunau-Napoopoo, Hawaii
Soil PH Averages: 5.2 – 5.8
Bean Varietal: 100% Kona Typica Arabica
Field(s) Elevation: 2200 - 2800 ft. above sea level
Cherry Processing: Hand-Picked, Washed, Wet Processing
Parchment: Sun Dried. Elevated and Protected Drying Beds
Parchment: GrainPro (2), Jute bag
Storage: Elevated. Controlled Temperature & Humidity Environment
% Moisture: 10.2-12.0 %
Sorting: Satake FMS 2000 Optical Laser Sorter to specification

Cupping Details – Kona coffee for the purists, this coffee has a balanced body with notes of cocoa, chocolate and hazelnuts, it carries a subtle floral and fruity flavor. Smoothly bold, its silky mouthfeel finishes with a bright and pleasing acidity.

Brewing Details - Smooth body with bold intensity of aroma. The lively acidity comes through its sweetly finish saturated with flavors of chocolate, berry, and hints of floral blooms.

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